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June 9, 2020 Update
Link for Summer Math Activities review has been added to my Files and Documents. The link on the choice board was not correct.
Reminder, student school material drop off and desk/cubby bag pick up is Friday June 12 from 11 am to 1 pm. If you were signed out a device, do not return it that day. There will be a separate day for that to occur. 

Curriculum Information:

Flipgrid link to join my class. 
Just highlight over the link, right click and then open the link.
I have added another activity into flipgrid. I recorded an example. 

Please access the following educational resource subscriptions through the Tyler Website Instructional Technology Page: 
Scroll to the bottom and click on Tyler Subscriptions. All the following sites are located in this tab.

IXL has now opened up other subjects areas like Language Arts and Science.
Just remember to click on topics we have done at school. Not all topic relate to Virginia standards.

Math - IXL (login and password : 6 digit id) (current unit is Probability.  Review previous skills relating to multiplication, division, fractions, and number sense)

Virginia Studies - SOLPASS (password : tes)
(Current unit is Civil War; revisit earlier units as well)

Science - SOLPASS
(Current unit is Force & Motion)
Study guides are found on each unit page in a PDF format for both VA Studies and Science on SOLPASS

Reading and Writing - We recommended a minimum of 30 minutes each day reading either fiction or nonfiction books. Practice strategies of summarizing, finding causes and effects, and drawing conclusions.
Raz-kids: Teacher: tcrouch4  password is a picture

Below are a few links I've come across (thank you to Mrs. Fahrney and Ms. Nelson) that are both fun and interesting!!  One is a list of virtual field trips to places like Mars!  The other is a bunch of engineering based activities you can do at home. I will continue to add links and activities, so please check back.  I hope you enjoy them ~ and please email me and let me know what you think of them.

Virtual Field Trips  

Engineering Activities

Storyline Online

Brain Pop Free Home Access

If you need information regarding password, email me.

Mrs. Crouch

Daily Schedule

 08:55 - 09:05  Arrival
 09:05- 10:19 Math
 10:10- 10:55 Encore
 10:55- 11:10 Finish Math
 11:15- 11:50 VA Studies
 11:55-  12:28  Science
 12:30 - 1:00 Lunch
 1:00 - 01:20 Recess
 01:25 - 02:50 LA (Reading/Writing)
 02:50 - 03:35 Core Extension 
 03:35 - 03:45  Pack Up/Dismissal

Encore Schedule

 Day 1  Spanish 
 Day 2  PE
 Day 3  Music
 Day 4  Art
 Library  Friday