Summer Reading 2020
Posted on 05/11/2020

Tyler Families,

I would like to offer our students the opportunity to participate in the Scholastic Summer Reading Program this year! It is a totally FREE program, requires nothing but the student's name for registration and is monitored by Scholastic 24/7 for online safety. There is an option to participate as a “guest”, but there are very limited choices offered and it will not track the student's reading, so I highly recommend actually registering. The program will:

  • keep track of the books and the minutes read by students when they log in each day and enter the information
  • create a “reading report” that parents can view or print out for teachers
  • offer mini games, all tied to books, and the game play awards students accessories for their avatar that they create
  • provide book recommendations as well as books that are available to read right there within the program! 
  • provide interaction with famous authors through videos
  • AND for every 2 days in a row that students track their reading, Scholastic will add a book to their book donation program with a goal of 100,000 book donations by July!

The program has already begun May 4th and will continue through September 4th. So head over to or download the app “Home Base by Scholastic” from the App Store or Google Play and start your summer fun early! There is more information under “Library” on the Tyler Homepage or you can contact me directly for help at

Mrs. Briceno