Counseling Department

Meet The Counselor

Photo of Ms. Moomau with her dog

Hello!  My name is Molly Moomau and this is my second year as a school counselor at Tyler. I am excited for another great year! I attended Longwood University for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees (Go Lancers!) and am happy to be part of the Tyler team. In my spare time, I enjoy walking my dogs, reading, and  being with my family.

Role of the Counselor

My role as a school counselor is to facilitate and deliver a program that helps students in the areas of academic achievement, social and emotional development, and college and career readiness.  This is done through meeting with students individually, in small groups, and monthly class lessons.  I also collaborate with parents/caregivers, school faculty and other stakeholders to breakdown barriers to success

Tyler's Counseling Program

“Tyler Elementary School, where every child is valued and given the tools to succeed academically, socially, emotionally, and in their career development”.

Tyler Elementary School Mission:
Provide a challenging, collaborative and authentic learning environment in in which high expectations lead to success within a diverse community.

Tyler Elementary Counseling Department Mission:
Provide a developmentally appropriate, comprehensive school counseling program; in a safe, accessible, and equitable school environment; that embraces multiculturalism, mindfulness, and a growth mindset to encourage all students to become culturally competent 21st century leaders, successful lifelong learners and productive members of society.

Tyler Counseling Department Vision: 

Through an understanding and application of Mindfulness and Growth Mindsets, each student will receive the academic support to learn to his/her fullest potential, achieve his/her individual goals, and find inspiration and success in his/her career choice; the personal/social skills to develop kind, meaningful and lasting relationships with a multicultural perspective; and the career readiness skills to make informed decisions about his/her future as a bold, motivated, productive, responsible, and world class citizen.

                                      Additional Programs 

                                                  No Place for Hate
-During the 2018-2019 school year Tyler Elementary officially earned the designation as a No Place for Hate School from the Anti-Defamation League.  This is awarded to schools who work collaboratively with students, staff, and community members to combat prejudice and enhance a culture of respect in the school and community.
-Our school practices school-wide mindfulness to equip our staff and students with coping skills, resiliency, and permission to pause and focus on the present.
                                                 Meaningful Mentors
-Tyler Elementary is partnering with Battlefield High to start a mentoring program in which a few of their students mentor a few of our students one a month during the school day.
                                                   Weekend Snack Bags

-Local organizations provide support for Tyler families by donating weekend snack bags of food for the weekends.
                                                    Holiday Giving
-This program supports Tyler families during the holiday season through donations from our community.
                                                   Character Counts
-If a staff member sees a student showing good character and performing a "random act of kindness" they can award them a Perilla's Pearl! 

-Be sure to check your grade level choice board after spring break for optional school counseling activities!

-Resources to address and support you and your family during the closure due to COVID-19 are to the left. 


Classroom Lesson Topic
-Emotional Regulation
Small Groups Running
-Second Step Social/Emotional
-Growth Mindset

Classroom Lesson Topic
-Celebrating Diversity
Small Groups Running
-Growth Mindset

Classroom Lesson Topic

Classroom Lesson Topic
Family Life Education

Classroom Lesson Topic
-Substance Abuse Prevention and Medicine Safety

Classroom Lesson Topic
-Bullying Prevention
Small Groups Running
-It's Hard to Be 5

Classroom Lesson Topic
-Intro to School Counseling and Mindfulness
Small Groups Running
-It's Hard to Be 5