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Thank you for sharing your child with me this year! We are going to have a great second grade learning experience! On this page, you will find important information including our curriculum, schedule, upcoming events, and ways you can support your child at home. Please check back often for new updates!
Our Class Vision: Mrs. Graham’s Cool, Intelligent, S+ Winners…
We rule when it comes to learning and school! We stay on task and are always respectful!

Mission: We will achieve our vision by working hard, helping each other, being mindful, staying engaged, saying, “I Can”, and using “Quality Student” behaviors. We will treat others the way we want to be treated!


Mrs. Graham

Oak Tree.png  Choice Board for 5/18-5/22
For the week of 5/18-5/22:  Be sure to read a book and complete a reading response to share at our class meeting on Wednesday, May 20th.  I also sent out a copy of the "Flamingo Math".  I would like you to write; "regroup or no regroup" under each problem.  You do not have to solve the subtraction problems, but you are certainly welcome!  Please bring your answers to our class meeting on Wednesday.  The choice board for this week is above.  Please continue to email me your finished work.  Keep up the great job, and I will see you on Wednesday morning at 9:00.
Choice Board 5/11-5/15

Here is the choice board for May 11 - May 15.  Have fun, and be creative!  I look forward to seeing your projects.
Notepad.png Report Cards will be emailed to each family in PDF format on Tuesday, May 5th.

2nd grade choice board 5.4-5.8 (1) (1).pdf

 Illustration Of A Pink Rose.png      Here are the optional learning choices for the week of May 5- May 8th.  Please feel free to adapt the assignments to meet your needs.  Any completed projects may be emailed to me at:

K-2 Research Ocean Animals (6).pdf
2nd grade choice board 4.27-5.1 (2).pdf
Orca.png Here are the optional learning choices for the week of April 27- May 1st.  Please feel free to adapt the assignments to meet your needs.  Any completed projects may be emailed to me at:  I have also emailed an optional research project on Ocean Animals. Be creative and have fun.  I look forward to learning new information on Sea Creatures!

Book And Lamp.pngChoice Board - Optional learning for April 20-24

2nd grade choice board 4.20-4.24.docx

Dear Class,
Welcome to week two of online learning.  Here are the optional learning choices for the week of April 20-24th.  Please feel free to adapt the assignments to meet your needs.  Any completed projects may be emailed to me at:  I will also be sending out an online lesson with "Flipgrid Shorts".  This online platform allows you to view a short video lesson on subtraction with regrouping.  As always, please email me with any questions.  I will see you on Wednesday the 22nd for our class meeting at 9:00.


  Bookworm.png Choice Board - Optional learning for April 13-17

2nd grade April 13-17 (1).pptx

Dear class,
Above, you will find a link for the week 1 Choice Boards for learning.  Each day has a subject, specials, and ideas for at home learning.  We will share some of the projects and ideas during our class meetings each Wednesday.  The assignments are only suggestions and are optional, but will help to keep your skills up in preparation for third grade.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
Book And Lamp.pngCool Information:  Did you know that you can get books from the public library...Door Dash style?  Log on to the PWCS Public Library site.  You will need your library card.  You can put the books you like on hold (up to 20).  They will collect them, bring them out to your car, and load them into your trunk.  So, no excuses for not reading!
Spanish class:


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Kahoot games:

Hi everyone,
Mrs. Trochan created a Kahoot-it quiz for students to play.  Here is the link she sent out... Here is the link:                                                   

Have fun!  Miss you all.
Mrs. Graham

RazKids - All RazKids reading levels have been updated.  Students have their login information glued in the front of their agendas.  If you are unable to locate your login info. please email me and I will send it to you.  Most students have part/all of their last name with one or two letters of their first name... followed by the number 28 or 30.  Their username is a picture. (This may jog their memory.)

Quick Links:  I have added some quick links to the right... Raz Kids and IXL, along with the pacing guide.  To access IXL...the Username is your child's ID number (lunch number) along with...@georgeg.  The password is the ID number alone.  Students should know their ID number - this is the number they enter for their lunch each day.  If you are having difficulty, please let me know.

Our 2019-2020 Yearly Pacing guide is below in the "Files and Documents" section.  It is set up by month...with each week listed in the rows on each page.  Do not try to teach new are welcome to review items we have covered.  In the message below, I have outlined some ideas or topics you may practice or work on from home. (Be sure to read the message below.)

Dear Parents and Students,
Due to the virus, we have sent home the Kindles, charger and plug, along with books for reading.  Your child's level is on each book - so this can help you to find similar texts at your home or online.
I will be checking
 RazKids and updating many of the reading levels - to reveal new keep checking.  I am attaching the 2019-2020 pacing guide.  The units of study for each week are listed.  This is a great resource to guide you with possible sites or topics to discuss at home.  We have been working on "How To" writing, so encourage your child to write several paragraphs on a topic they feel comfortable with.  Be sure they include:  topic sentence, transition words (first, then, next, last, lastly, step two, following that...), and a conclusion.  Another idea would be to research a famous American and create an essay about their contributions.  
Cursive writing takes practice.  At home you can write several upper and lower-case letters to trace and then have your child practice each letter of the alphabet.  Some simple words can be included such as your child's name or sight words.  Choose one letter each week to practice.  Tracing letters in shaving cream, or creating letters with spaghetti can also be fun, tactile ways to learn cursive.
In mathplease have your child practice:  telling time to the nearest minute, counting change up to $2.00, addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers with and without regrouping.  Calendar skills are also encouraged.
We have made such wonderful progress in reading.
  Please be sure your child reads everyday.  Ask comprehension questions, and check for new vocabulary terms.  As a parent you should also read
 to your child.  This will help them with expression, visualization, and new vocabulary.  Stay healthy!  I will continue to send updates, so keep checking.



                                 Schedule People Holding Hands.png            

                           8:45-9:00 Warm-up reading

                           9:00-11:00 Language Arts: Reading, Centers, Writing

                           11:00-11:45 Core Extension

                           11:45-12:30 Specials

                           12:38-1:08 Lunch

                           1:08-1:38 Recess

                           1:38-2:00 Agendas

                           2:00-2:10 Mindfulness

                           2:10-3:00 Math/UPSC

                           3:00-3:35 Science/SS
3:40 Dismissal

       Encore Schedule 2019-2020
         Group A          Group B
Day 1   Art                 Music
Day 2   Spanish           Art
Day 3   PE                  Spanish
Day 4   Music              PE                                              

Library:  Thursday 10:15-11:00