Etta Powell

Class Vision: 
We are the mindful, kind, helpful, role models of  3rd grade.

Class Mission: We will be responsible and respectful while being good listeners, never giving up, and always treating others the way we would like to be treated.

Prince William County At Home Learning
Great site to visit for at home learning ideas!

Morning Announcements
The daily announcements are definitely a routine part of our day. We start each morning with them while the kids are completing a warm up Math activity. As you saw, our announcements will continue! Watch them each day on Tyler's Youtube channel.

June 8-12 Update 

In our Files and Documents tab you will find this week's choice board and related activities. All of this week's activities have an ice cream theme and the owner of Cookies & Cream was kind enough to give each 3rd grader a coupon to use as many times as they'd like for the month of June! Congratulations on a successful year despite all of the unexpected changes and challenges! I hope to see you all at our final Zoom meeting this Tuesday as well as at school on Thursday to collect your personal belongings from our classroom.


Suggested Distance Learning Schedule