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Weekly Choice Boards
Beginning April 13th, there will be weekly choice charts of instructional activities until June 12th.  The choice boards will be uploaded into the Files and Documents link on the left side of our class web page.
~ April 13th
~ April 20th
~ April 27th
~ May 4th
~ May 11th
~ May 18th
~ May 25th
~ June 1st

Instructional Focus as of March 30th

Check your email every day!!!


  1. IXL - Continue to review and practice math units that you have learned this year: Place Value and Number Sense, Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Probability.  Decimals was our next unit.  Feel free to start exploring Decimals.

Virginia Studies

  1. SOLPASS - Continue to review all units to date (VS.2, VS.3, VS.4, VS.5, VS.6, VS.7).  
  2. Makerspace Challenge - Using materials found at home, create a model of Virginia that details the different geographic land features of Virginia (flat sandy land, rolling hills, old rounded mountains, valleys and ridges, elevated land that's flat on top).  Some materials used by students in the past are Legos, other building blocks, food items like pretzels or cookie dough, crafting items, toilet paper rolls. Be creative ~ use whatever you want!  You are not limited in size - make it as big or small as you'd like! 

    Keep notes that detail why you chose the materials you did for each region and how they represent the type of land in that region.  

    We will have a special Zoom meeting to share each model and you will have a few minutes to describe your project.  Please have your project complete and ready to share by April 24th. 

ScienceContinue to review all units to date


Reading - keep reading!!!!

  1. EPIC - become familiar with available books and videos.  This is where I will create assignments for you and be able to monitor your reading progress.
  2. Flipgrid - record a response to the Author's Purpose Flipgrid.  Tell me about a book you are reading, or have read.  What is the author's purpose for this book (persuade, inform or entertain)? Then, read a few lines from your book that shows why you chose the author's purpose that you did.   The Flipgrid code is:  7767db3c

Writing - journaling for a time capsule to be opened by future generations

  1. You are a historian.  Document what is happening in daily life due to this event that has changed the way we are living and interacting.  Apply skills you have learned, such as providing facts as well as opinions and compare/contrast what daily life was like prior to March 13th.  This will be an on-going journal.  Record your thoughts and observations a few times a week, more often if you'd like.

PWCS has provided possible schedules for families to help support their home learning   Home Learning - Optional Schedules

Encore Links!
 Spanish Web Page 
Sra. Martinez has updated her web page with songs, useful links and Kahoot games!  All of these can be found on the left side of her web page.

 PE Web Page   
Mrs. Trochan has added a Flipgrid dance challenge, fun vocabulary games and a Kahoot!

 Encore BINGO! 
The Encore team created a Flipgrid BINGO game!  Click the link to play :)  This Flipgrid is also posted on their individual web pages

March 27, 2020
Here are a couple new videos you might enjoy.  The first is one your Tyler teachers put together to show you how much we are thinking of you!!!  The second is a virtual tour of the Prince William County Fire Station #26.  Enjoy!

 Tyler's Message to our Students!
  PWC Fire Station # 26

Look for the Zoom meeting link in your email for Monday, March 30th @ 9:00

March 22, 2020
Here is a YouTube video to help parents and students with Zoom

 Zoom Directions Video

March  2020
The first code is 2cab19e1     Let me know what you've been doing lately!
Flipgrid can be accessed on your computer or by downloading the flipgrid app

The second code is 6acb9562    For day 2 of spirit week, let me know what book you chose to snuggle up with and give a short book talk!

AUDIBLE              Audible Audio Books
Audible has made numerous online books available.  There are 74 in just the elementary section!  There are high interest novels that the kids will really enjoy.  It's like checking out a playaway from the library. Check it out ~ listening to a good book is very effective in improving fluency, comprehension and inflection (reading with emotion).  

I hope you enjoy!  If you haven't emailed me yet, please do!  Let's get this class back together ~ VIRTUALLY!!!

March 13, 2020 Update
** Please watch for emails from Tyler, and check back in with the Tyler web page, as well as our class web page, for further updates regarding ongoing instruction efforts.

During this time of extended absence, the 4th grade teachers are requesting that students practice and review all they’ve learned so far this year across all core subject areas.  

You may access the following educational resource subscriptions through the Tyler Website Instructional Technology Page .

Math - IXL (login in and password : 6 digit id).  Please review previous foundation skills, including multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.  Our current unit is Probability.  

Virginia Studies - SOLPASS (password : tes).  Please review all previous units beginning with VA Geography through our current unit, The Civil War.  There is a folder at the bottom of this page with hard copies of the Virginia Studies study guides

Science - SOLPASS -  our current unit is Force & Motion.

Reading and Writing - We recommend a minimum of 30 minutes each day reading either fiction or nonfiction books and practicing the STP strategy (stop, think, paraphrase).  Raz-Kids (the icon says Kids A-Z Login)  is also a great resource to use.  My class login is RWomack.  Login information is your student's first name (click icon) and last name (to access his/her account

Fun and Interesting Activities

Below are a few links I've come across (thank you to Mrs. Fahrney and Ms. Nelson) that are both fun and interesting!!  One is a list of virtual field trips to places like Mars!  The other is a bunch of engineering based activities you can do at home. I will continue to add links and activities, so please check back.  I hope you enjoy them ~ and please email me and let me know what you think of them.

Virtual Field Trips  

Engineering Activities

Storyline Online

Brain Pop Free Home Access

Audible Audio Books

*** Practicing math facts and concepts, and discussing what your child is reading, is never a bad idea at home!!!  There is no drawback ------ only positive benefits.  Please help them be as successful as possible :  ensure they know their multiplication facts.  These facts are the basis of most of our math units this year.

The Solar System Unit will be crossing over to the Information Writing unit in Language Arts with a research project. 

Students will be given an organization packet which will provide prompts for specific information.    Once the information is collected, it will be turned in to Ms. Womack who will review and grade it, then given it back to students to be used to write a paper with multiple paragraphs.  There will be grades for the packet as well as a grades for the final paper.  Rubrics for both will be provided so students know what is expected of them.

Students are expected to complete a bibliography citing books and websites, there is an organization sheet for that included.

A copy of the assignment is attached at the bottom of this web page.  Please feel free to print out additional copies as needed.

*** CHANGED***The completed packet and written report are due on February 28, 2020 (subject to change based on in class progress)  
***New Due date is March 6th.  As of February 28th, the class has completed all 5 paragraphs in rough draft form.  They will now work on putting them together, editing and writing their final paper by March 6th
*** Yep! Changed again!  All students are in the process of peer and self editing their rough drafts.  When we return to the classroom, we will regroup and complete this project.  The students have worked diligently, all are doing a fantastic job!  Will they be perfect reports when completed?  No, of course not.  This was a big undertaking and their first experience with such a substantial writing project.  There will be spelling errors, punctuation errors, grammar errors, even sentence structure errors.  That's okay ~ please don't fix it all for them.  The final product should reflect a 4th grader's first attempt at a lengthy research report.