Welcome to 5th Grade Math and Science

Math- Our 5th grade math curriculum has increased in rigor of the years.  This is modeled in daily instruction.  The curriculum is taught using multiple strategies and is often inquiry and hands on based.  The students will complete a test after each unit.  The test will be two parts (paper pencil portion and an online component.) Classwork turns into homework if the work is not completed in class.  Please check your child's agenda nightly to ensure their work is completed.  Spiral reviews will be completely as a warm up daily to ensure comprehension of the material.  All student work will be kept in their math section of their 5th grade binder.  Graded work will be brought home in the Wednesday Folder.

Science- Our 5th grade science curriculum is very engaging. The students will complete investigations and activities daily. They will keep all assignments in their science folder.  After a unit is complete the students will transfer their work into their 5th grade binder to keep for SOL testing in May. The assignments and especially study guides will be helpful for review at the end of the year. 4th grade material will also be reviewed during the school year. The students will be responsible for this material, since they will see it on their 5th grade science SOL.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about 5th grade science and math. If you have additional questions please feel free to email me at any time.

Mr. Darno

Class Vision- We are Incredible 5th Graders!

Class Mission- We will be energetic, do the impossible, and learn new things daily, in order to be incredible 5th graders.

Email Update-June 1

Dear Parents,

Many of you know that my wife is also a PWCS teacher.  Due to a conflict, I will need to change the time for the students to be able to pick up their belongings on June 12th.  This will be just for our homeroom class.  The NEW time for Darno Homeroom Students Only will be from 11am-1pm on June 12th (same day just different time). This is also the time that the 4th grader teachers will be passing out belongings to their students as well.  If possible, please come to the new time, so that Mr. Lorah, Mrs. Moye, and Mr. Cerwinske will not be overwhelmed with our homeroom students needing their belongings during the regular 5th grade pick up time. I apologize for the time change and for any inconvenience this may cause in advance.  

Thank you for understanding,

Mr. Darno

Email Update-4/30

Parents and Students,

Report cards will be coming "home" via email on Tuesday, May 5th.  I will be emailing you a PDF version of the report card as an attachment.  Since I will be emailing each student individually they will not all come out all at once, so please check your emails sporadically throughout the day.  Thank you for your patience in advance.

Stay well.

Mr. Darno

Email Update-Happy Earth Day(4/22)
Dear Students,

Happy Earth Day!  If you would like to participate I setup a Kahoot on everything about Earth Day.  In order to participate just click on this link https://kahoot.it/ then when it asks you about pin enter in these numbers 05128209.  I shared this with my homeroom this morning in our zoom, so they have a head start on you.  Don't worry you can do the challenge anytime up until this Saturday at 12:00pm.  

Have a great day,

Mr. Darno

Email Update(4/15):

Dear Parents and Students,

I apologize in advance for this lengthy email, but I just wanted to make sure that all parents know what I have been explaining to the students during our zoom conversations this week.  The end of the marking period closes on April 24th.  I am going to need the kids to turn in/submit any work that they would like to receive credit for by this day.  Below is a list of assignments that will be graded and counted towards their overall grade for the third nine weeks.  These were assignments/activities that were given to the students on or before March 13.


Science Fair Project- The project is due April 24th.  The students can take pictures of their science fair board to receive credit.  I am also going to provide them the opportunity to share their project using Flipgrid, which is a communication tool most of the students are familiar with.  This is not required.  The pictures will be sufficient.

Science SOL Review Activities- Due by April 24th for credit.  Since the original due date was not until May I will not count this against the students if they do not have them fully completed by April 24th.  The students can send me a picture of their packet with signatures on it or parents you can email me with a total number of what the kids have finished.  I will then enter the grades in the gradebook.  If I do not receive anything from the students they will be excused from the work and it will not impact their overall grade in a negative way.(I am considering this almost like extra credit.)  

Redo Assignments-  If the kids would like to redo any assignments in the gradebook for science they will need to complete the activities that we have already provided them in the past while we have been distance learning or complete the science activities on the weekly choice board.  The students need to email me or send a photo of their finished product in order to receive credit.  Once I receive the final product I will replace a lower grade(B,C,D) in the gradebook for them.  If they would like any of this work to count towards the third nine weeks overall grade I would have to again receive it by April 24th.


Redo Assignments- If the students want to improve any of their math grades please see below for IXL assignments that they could complete to improve their overall grade.  I will first name the assignment that is in the gradebook. Then, I will list an IXL objective that they can complete in order to improve their grade for the particular assignment. If the students have already earned an A for the assignment there is no need for them to complete the IXL objectives that coordinates with the assignment.  Please send a screen shot or a picture of a score of 80 or higher to count as a redo assignment.

Adding/Subtracting Decimals- IXL Objective H3

Decimal Story Problems- IXL Objective H4

Order of Operations Review- IXL Objective O5

Prime and Composite- IXL Objective F1

Division with Decimals- IXL Objective J6

Math SOL Activities- This is going to work just like the science SOL activities that I explained above.  Email me with a total number of activities completed or take a picture of the signatures on the packet.(Will work/count as extra credit as well)

Tests- There will be no redo's on any math tests.  All redo's for tests were done prior to the closing of school on March 13th.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions feel free to email me.  Thank you for your understanding during these unprecedented times.

Stay safe and well.

Miss you all,

Mr. Darno

Encore Links

The links below were provided by the encore teachers to assist in home learning.

Main page: https://tyleres.pwcs.edu/departments/encore/espa_ol____spanish

 Useful links: https://tyleres.pwcs.edu/departments/encore/espa_ol____spanish/Useful%20Links

 Kahoot games: https://tyleres.pwcs.edu/departments/encore/espa_ol____spanish/kahoot_games


Updated (3/30/20)

Dear Parents and Students,

Please scroll down to the bottom of this website to find the math and science SOL review activities lists.(hyper doc)  If you are unable to print the documents then the students can open them up in their email and save it to their one drive accounts.  They can "check off" the activities as they complete them and print the documents off at a later date.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.  Directly below this message you will find the email that I sent out yesterday(3/17) as well just in case you missed it.

Be safe,

Mr. Darno

IXL Reminder-Be sure to access Math IXL through the Tyler ES Portal-Link is directly below.(https://guest.portaportal.com/tyleres) Scroll down below to find "Tyler Subscriptions".  Then click on "IXL" from that drop down menu.  Once the students open up the IXL sign in screen they may login with their usernames and passwords.  The usernames and passwords for the students are their student ID numbers.  If the students have any issues accessing the program please email me.

3/30-Email Update

Dear Parents and Students,

At the bottom of the website you will find the latest math and science activities.  These are work at your own pace activities.(Math and Science Tic Tac Toe).  If an activity needs specific directions they can be found below as well.(Pet Rock and Vertebrate Book)  The other activities have directions on the tic tac toe sheet.  
The students can type up their responses in Microsoft word in OneDrive if they would like for the Data Challenge and the Recipe Challenge.  The scavenger hunt can be completed on the document that I sent out last week.  Please email me if I can clarify or help in any way.

Stay Well,

Mr. Darno   

Email Sent 3/17 to All Parents and Students:

Dear Parents and Students,

I apologize in advance for the lengthy message. I hope this email finds you all well and safe.  At this time, the students are not required to be completing any work at home.  However, if they would like to continue working in their math madness booklet or work on their math and science SOL activities lists that is fine.  Hopefully, their science projects are wrapping up, but this could be something that the students should be finishing as well.  Again, these are not mandated items they need to be working on from me.  However, I know that the some of the students enjoy the comfort of routine even though this will look much different then attending school.

The math and science SOL activity lists were passed out to the students on Friday.  I am going to attach copies of both lists to this email and they may also be found at the bottom of my website.  These are activities that review most of the material that we have learned this year.  The material/activities under the "Algebra" section and the entire "Geometry" section have not been taught at all.  These were our two last units.  

When the students complete the activities at home I would advise them opening up the document online and then clicking on the links to take them directly to the activity.  Once the students meet the requirement for the activity then an adult at home can sign or initial their list to verify completion.  You can find a grading scale towards the end of the document.  All signatures and initials should be placed on the same document.  For science, some of the activities count for more than 1 activity.  They are marked with an asterisks.  The students can use their science folders, binder, or workbooks to help them answer any of the questions on the activities.  Mr. Cerwinske and I reviewed all of this information with the students on Friday, so most of them should understand all of this information already.  Both of the activity lists are due in mid May.(Science-May 7th/Math-May 15th)  The students will receive extra bonuses if they complete all of the activities for each subject. 

At this time, our field trip has been postponed/cancelled.  Before the closure of school we were looking to reschedule it for Late May.  However, at this time we are in a holding pattern due to the uncertainty of when school will resume.  Thank you for your patience.

I will be checking my email several times daily.  Please feel free to email me if any questions/concerns arise.  

Thank you for your support,

Mr. Darno

Field Day!

Tyler Elementary will hold Field Day on Friday, October 11th.  Rain date will be determined if necessary.  Field day will be divided into 2 sessions.  Pre-Kindergarten AM, Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade will participate in activities from 9:15 am to 11:15am.  Pre-Kindergarten PM, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade and 5th Grade will participate from 1:15 pm to 3:15pm. 

Your child’s class will rotate together from station to station and participate in different games and activities.  We are in need of parent volunteers who would like to help run the stations.  We will provide you with all the instructions and information on how to run the games.  

Your help is greatly appreciated.  We are also looking for donations of water bottles. Please sign up where ever you can help out!






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