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June 8, 2020

Hello families,

Can you believe we are already down to the last week of kindergarten! They did it! I know it's an exciting but bittersweet time. And, I know there is still so uncertainty about next year. We don't know what it's going to look like either. But be assured that we are setting all the kids up for success no matter what school looks like in the fall. Do expect that whether we are in a classroom or virtual or any combination, ALL students will be using a "classroom" like platform. It's actually pretty neat because it allows us to post videos or lessons or hold conferences, there are discussion boards and we can upload PDFs. So everything they need to complete meaningful lessons will be there. So no matter what our "classroom" looks like, things are being set up to ensure that the kiddos get exactly what they need. 

I've spent one day packing up my classroom, and will be there again all day tomorrow. HOPEFULLY I get it all done. But, what is done are your students' belongings. If anything was left in the classroom with their name on it - or I could identify it as theirs, it is in their bag. Kindergarten teachers will be at Tyler from 11-1 on Wednesday to pass those bags out to you. So come by and get it! I can't wait to see their little faces in person!

This is the time, as well, to bring back all of those books we sent home (if you could, please put them all in a ziplock with my last name on it...it will make it so much easier to sort those books in August!)....any library books....anything that belongs to the classroom or the school. And of course, if you find something later...don't fret. Just pop it by the school.

Don't forget...we are NOT having our Zoom tomorrow (Tuesday).

We will have our last Zoom on Friday at 9am. All the sign in details are the same:

Topic: Friday Touch Base with Mrs. Thayne
Time: Jun 12, 2020 09:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 616 691 391
Password: 7AhNSQ

As for now, attached you will find your last choice board of kindergarten. Enjoy!

June 8-12 Kindergarten Tyler Elementary Choice Board

May 26, 2020

Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day weekend. Though normally I send the choice boards out so you can start them on Mondays, Monday was a holiday. And I KNOW it's crazy not having a "home day/school day" routine, but it's so important for kids (and adults) to take extra time to just breathe and relax. 

But, here you go! I DID still fill in Monday for you, since Mondays are the day I prepare. :) But, just use it if you want. Or, if you have extra time. Or if you are struggling and need something extra to do. As usual, each week I have a read aloud, a writing prompt, something phonics based, and a focus on one sight word. I have been adding in my sight word mix and fix letter tile video - because it's slower and easier for the kids to follow along if they are actually practicing with tiles. But I have also been putting in the Jack Hartmann video that essentially does the same - and is way more fun with music. BUT it's harder for them to follow along since it's so fast. In class, we would do the Jack Hartmann video whole class on the carpet, and then the kids would come with their small group to the table for reading groups - and the letter tiles would be part of that process.

I have also been ending each week with a dance party video or meditation or yoga - something fun for the kids. 

I know it's a struggle to keep the kids focused. And I completely understand that some of you aren't doing the choice boards. They aren't graded. They are just options.

From both a parent and teacher perspective, I still do school work every day (Monday through Friday) with my child. The video games are a HARD draw for him. Because honestly he's a couch potato. And sometimes, it's easier to just let him do what he wants to do if it's going to keep him happy and entertained and let me do my work.

But, I'm thinking about two things: 

1) When schools open up again, I known he's going to be behind. Everyone is. But if I can spend a dedicated hour with him each day - that is way more time than a teacher can spend with him in an entire day... there are things I can do to keep him learning. And yes, there are passive learning opportunities (just learning in the world), but there are active ones that I know and can see he needs. So, I take those opportunities. I make him read every day. I make him write a letter to a friend or family member outside of the house and actually mail it.  He keeps a spelling notebook, and when he doesn't know how to spell a work, I write it for him in his spelling notebook, and then he uses that notebook to correct his word. I make him work on math workbooks and practice his math skills because he will still need those next year. I got a subscription to the Ranger Rick magazine and when it comes in, he reads that. 

But still he plays tons of video games and legos and we watch a family movie every single day. School at home shouldn't take anywhere near school at school.

2) I think a lot about HIS transition to next year. Not having a routine is hard on a kid. I think about what next year is going to be like, and right now, I can tell you my child doesn't have a lot of stamina for anything. He doesn't focus when he reads. He starts an activity and jumps up a million times. He doesn't even get hungry at meal time. He just wants to snack all day long. There is no schedule in his mind. And honestly, I know that's my fault - but during his day, I'm working. (even when we aren't face to face with kids we do a TON...I'm working much longer hours now!).

In a classroom, we work to build stamina. We have the students read as a class and see if they can read for 5 minutes without getting distracted. And then we add a minute every time they hit their goal. Every year we start over. Keeping up with his schoolwork is a good way to help him build his stamina. When students have a good stamina for reading, they can focus and concentrate on longer passages. This helps build their reading capacity. Building stamina helps them with their memory. Stamina is equal to focus. And it leads to following complex directions. There are a lot of benefits around the house with my child having stamina. But academically, in order for my child to be a deep thinker, and to progress with his learning to higher levels, he needs to be able to focus for longer periods of time. If I leave it all to the teachers next year, he starts back at zero. If I can ensure that he is able to focus for 30 minutes at a time (he's in 2nd grade), then I know HE will do better next year. Yes, if he struggles, the teachers will help. But I want to help him not start back at zero. 10 minutes is better than zero.

I'm telling you all this because I know it's the last week of May, and I know we are all struggling. I'm seeing left and right people giving up and declaring summer because "it doesn't" matter. But having taught just about every grade level in elementary and middle school, I can tell you that the most learning happens in these last few weeks of school. When all of the big grades are done. When all the test prep is over and the SOLs are done at the upper grades - this is when the kids have fun with learning. When it doesn't seem like a chore. Honestly, grades are not motivating for most students - unless they know that a good grade will please their parents. 

But learning is motivating because it's fun. But, they reject it when it's hard. They say they are bored when they have to think and they don't want to think. Or they just say I don't know. ESPECIALLY if they know that if they wait, you will give them the answer eventually. Just keep that in mind.

But even if it's hard, try to keep the routine. Keep the reading, writing, and math. Keep the learning and questioning and thinking. 

You've got this.

Mrs. Thayne

And don't forget - our class Zoom is today at 2. We are going to attempt the sight word Bingo again! 

May 25-29 Kindergarten Tyler Elementary Choice Board

May 18, 2020

Good morning! 

I hope everyone had a great week and weekend!

This week's choice board is attached. Have fun! And let me know if there are any questions, or if anyone needs help. Also, if you would like time to talk with me (either you or your child) just let me know! I can schedule a one on one Zoom call. 

Tuesday during our Zoom call we are going to play Sight word Bingo. I'm attaching a blank Bingo sheet. Please print it out and have your child write a sight word in each square. Not in order - mix them up. Use any word from the first 2 lists. During the Zoom call on Tuesday at 2pm, your child will need the Bingo card (already filled in) and then something to cover the squares - like cheerios or little paper pieces. I will randomly select a word and your child will find it on their bingo board.

Our Zoom calls have the same ID and password. :)

MMeeting ID
61616 691 391
MMeeting Password
I'llI will see you Tuesday at 2pm!
MMrs. Thayne

May 18-22 Kindergarten Tyler Elementary Choice Board
Blank Bingo Template
K Sight Words

May 10, 2020

Hello everyone!

Attached you will find the choice board for this week. Additionally, our reading specialist, Mrs. Richards, has made some choice boards that are specifically for the reading/phonics skills that are good to practice. These are not kindergarten specific, but are based on skill learned. I am attaching the skills we have learned. You will find that these board are great for not only your kinder, but other students in the house. There is one specifically on sight words, too, which is great!

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Thayne

May 11-15 Kindergarten Tyler Elementary Choice Board.pdf

Some of these review boards go beyond level 4 readers, but would be great for other students in the house, or for when your students seem to need a little more of a push.

May 4, 2020: 

Hello everyone!

Here is this week's choice board. You will notice that we've added a third page for the independent research projects. These are just meant to get the kids to explore a topic of interest to them. This same slide won't change - it will be the same slide each week. Research is not meant to just take one week. And, even though an ocean project is suggested, let them choose whatever is interesting to them. Or not - of course these are all simply ideas.

Don't forget that for our 2pm Zoom on Tuesday, we will be celebrating the wedding of Q and U. Feel free to dress in wedding fancy clothes, or in something that represents QU - like a queen or quarterback. Or not - absolutely no pressure. :) 

Also, my office hours are Thursdays at 11. So if you would like to schedule a conference with me by phone or Zoom at that time, please let me know!

Thank you for all you are doing at home to support your children. I know it's a lot. <3

Mrs. Thayne

May 4-8 Kindergarten Tyler Elementary Choice Board.pdf

April 28, 2020:
Hello Parents!

As mentioned at our Zoom meeting today, on Tuesday (next week) we will be celebrating the marriage of the letter Q and the letter U. I know it will be an exciting day seeing our letters grow up, and you won't want to miss it (bring some tissues!).

Attached you will find the invitation and the dress code. It should be silly and fun. Along with the invitation, there are a few more pages. There are a couple with some printable fancy outfit elements. If you already have something to wear, don't even worry about it. Dressing up is fun, but completely optional.

There are also 2 activities. The first one is a picture sort. They can do that whenever they want. The second is a writing. Please have them do that WITH me at the Zoom. I'm just providing it now so everyone has it.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

The wedding of Q and U invite.pptx

April 27, 2020: 
Good morning! I apologize for not sending out the choice board last night. I had it ready on Friday - and then I'm not sure what happened. I'll blame it on the rain. :)

One thing people with older children may notice is that most grade levels are starting to include self selected research projects as an option on the choice boards. We do have options for kindergarten, but considering it will be a lot of work for you, we are holding off for this week. You may see it next week. Again, still do what you want. But, the end of the year in every grade level is always used for exploring topics of interest to the kids - things they want to learn about but haven't had the opportunity to learn about yet.

There are SOOO many ways of doing that. It doesn't have to look like formal projects or research. Is your child interested in cooking? Teach him or her to cook! Let them explore cookbooks and pick out recipes. Show them the tools. Let them practice measuring. Teach them how to crack an egg. Have them push the buttons on the microwave. My second grader watched Mr. Popper's Penguins the other night. And LOVED it. So I bought him the book. And we are going to read it together. And do some research about penguins. He hates to write. But there are a lot of books about penguins - and movies - March of the Penguins and Happy Feet are DEFINITELY going to be watched. And maybe we will make a poster of a penguin and add some facts to it.

I will send out the research projects with the choice boards next week. BUT - if your child has a particular interest - let me know. I can design a whole set of learning opportunities specifically for your child. It will be fun for me. Just email me what your child wants to learn about - and I will give you a personalized list of ways to explore the topic! Like a personalized choice board of things to pick and choose from.

Until then, this week's choice board is attached.

April 20, 2020: I am attaching this week's choice board. You will find the same board sent by email and posted to Class Dojo. Also, this week is Earth Day! So be sure to spend a lot of time outside enjoying the weather.

Don't forget that our weekly Zoom is on Tuesday at 2pm. You will need the same password I sent out last week. Also, my office hours are Thursday at 11. If you need a call or meeting, please let me know!

Choice Board

April 13, 2020: I hope everyone had a great spring break! We will be sending out new choice boards starting this week. On it, you will notice that we focus on one subject area a day. The choices will be a combination of online and tech-free options. Please email me any student work so I can provide feedback. All choice boards will be emailed, posted to Class Dojo, and will be in the folder below called Kindergarten Activities. Students will NOT be penalized if they cannot complete activities. No grades will be given - only feedback. You can send pictures through email, Class Dojo, or you can upload them on SeeSaw. 

We will continue having a class lesson on Tuesdays at 2. Additionally, I will be holding office hours on Thursdays at 11. If you would like to talk about anything - or have questions - and you would like a video conference or phone call - email me, and I will give you a time during office hours.

If you have any questions, please let me know! 

April 14-17 Kindergarten Tyler Elementary Choice Board.pdf

March 30, 2020: Parents - since we will not be returning to the building this school year, I wanted to make sure you had what you needed to make sure your children were able to review what we've learned this year - and keep those skills in the front of their mind so they are ready for first grade. I did an analysis, and it looks like we've actually covered MOST of the kindergarten curriculum! That's great news. I will post the standards in the document container below so you can see what standards we haven't covered this year. You don't have to teach those at home. But, in passing - if they happened to come up, we aren't going to stop you. :)

That being said, if you are like me, there are a million groups being set up about how to teach your child at home. But, to be honest, it's an overload of information. And from some of the emails I've been getting, it sounds like some of you are just grasping at whatever sounds right... I DON'T want this to be a stressful time for you. So, I'm going to start creating a weekly chart of ideas of things you could do. THESE ARE 100% OPTIONAL. To support this learning in an online classroom like environment, I've set up a classroom Seesaw account. Students will log in - and I can post activities there - and they can post the activities back - and I can provide feedback if necessary. Again - these are optional. I will continue posting them whether you do them or not. These are here for you as support in your child's learning. The activities are going to be using:

Seesaw: it will need a log in which I will email you.
Flipgrid: I will email the codes for our classroom flip grids and post them on Dojo - but once you see the classroom, you should be able to respond to any of the posts that are there.
Youtube: Sometimes there are links to books or videos.
Brainpop Jr: To get to this, you need to log in to the student's Office 365 account. Then, they will log into the Clever app. If you need help with that, let me know. I emailed all of the usernames and passwords. An additional benefit to logging into office 365 is that every student gets 5 free downloads of the Office 365 suite (Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, etc) - for all of your home computers. And they will use it until they graduate in 2032. I mean...we'll be living in Jetson's homes by then! How crazy is that??

I'm posting the first week of activities here. It is a powerpoint file. The first page is the suggested schedule, with a couple of pages following of documents that will be useful. If you don't have time or patience for the technology pieces, just the activities could give you ideas. I will also email this information out to you all. PLEASE let me know if you have any questions or challenges. This is NOT meant to stress you out. I'm just trying to help!

Chart of Home learning ideas

Hello everyone! I am going to post resources here to support you as you encourage your student to read, write, and think at home until we return to school.

Right now, the county directive is:

Teachers do not need to be assigning work to students this week. Due to the waivers provided by the Governor’s office, at this time, schools do not need to consider strategies for continuity of learning to count as an official instructional day.

But, if you are trying to figure out what to do with your child all day without having play dates and sports and everything they are used to - I have a ton of options!

First - last Sunday I emailed everyone their child's reading level. That was essentially a form letter - letting them know where your child is - and where I was working with them. (Because we no longer have interim reports, I like to keep you informed of your child's progress. This is just where your child is on a continuum - and where I'm trying to get your child. It is never meant as a judgement).

Next - All students in the county have access to Microsoft Office 365 and have their own email account. Even kindergarten! I will individually email all of your email and password information. 

Why is this helpful? They're only in kindergarten??

If you go to the Tyler Web page under departments, and go to the Instructional Technology Page (not the portal, just that page), you will see a symbaloo with a bunch of tiles. One tile is a C, which stands for Clever. Clever is a resource that our county has with a ton of apps. If you log in with your Office 365 account, you don't have to log in again, and they're already free!


I've added a folder on here called Kindergarten Activities. You can print it, and there are activities with offline activities to do. If I find more paper like things, I will add them there. These are not going to be graded. Do not plan on turning them in. These are for you to use at home IF YOU WANT. Just resources.

Class Dojo

Please connect with me there. It is so much easier for me to add pictures. For example - if you are having difficulty with logging in, I can do picture walk throughs. Also, I can send you a snap of your child's username and log in for Kids A-Z. (they are pictures for the usernames and the log ins).

Useful Websites to help ease the boredom and help kids have fun learning. I will update them as I find more:



Book wizard: This is where you can level books so you know what reading level the book is. To search for books at your child’s reading level, switch the reading system to DRA and you will get a number.


Scholastic Learn at Home Website: https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html

Fluency and Fitness: https://fluencyandfitness.com/

Storyline Online: https://www.storylineonline.net/

Epic! (30 day free trial) https://www.getepic.com/

Reading Bear (phonics!) https://www.readingbear.org/

Heggerty!! (phonemic awareness)




Bedtime math: http://bedtimemath.org/fun-math-at-home/?fbclid=IwAR0YUH0PbYsHJCvFsYPpIzPugSoeWZbMb0EWgkAHrUXlNiCQ0NWg3IWTkbE

Search for Jack Hartmann on Youtube!



Mystery Science: https://mysteryscience.com/school-closure-planning


Social Studies/Geography

National Geographic Kids: https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/



PBS Kids https://pbskids.org/games/music/


Physical Activity

GoNoodle: https://www.gonoodle.com/

Cleveland Inner City ballet is offering virtual ballet classes on their website and on Facebook.



British Museum of London: https://britishmuseum.withgoogle.com/

Virtual Field Trips: https://adventuresinfamilyhood.com/20-virtual-field-trips-to-take-with-your-kids.html?fbclid=IwAR3tZaXKM_K8oEOloHiwynBhJDIZ7Q5LgOSKdGoPFtB-HDICZAL0K9gS7F8

                  Daily Schedule

8:50- 9:15 Arrival and Morning Work
9:05- 9:50 Writing
9:50- 10:00 Read Aloud
10:00 10:20 Morning Recess
10:20 10:30 Reading Mini Lesson
10:30 11:30 Guided Reading/Centers
11:34 12:34 Lunch/Recess
12:34 1:15 Science/SS
 1:15 2:00 Encore
2:00 2:15 Snack/Read Aloud
2:15 3:00 Math
3:00 3:30 iPlay/Extra Learning Support
3:30 3:40 Pack Up/Dismissal

Encore Rotation:
Day 1 Art
Day 2 Spanish
Day 3 PE
Day 4 Music
Library - Wednesday Morning 9:30-10:00am

Grade Scale:

We do not use percentages in kindergarten, so you won't see numbers. The scale is as follows:

S+: Exceptional - goes above and beyond. No errors. Fully demonstrates understanding of the concepts and demonstrates higher level thinking and quality.
S: Understands the standard and meets expectations. May have minor errors. 
S-: Almost there. May have quite a few errors, or is approaching understanding of the standard, but not quite. Additionally, the work may only be halfway completed.
N: Has a significant amount of errors and does not really demonstrate understanding of a concept. 

At Tyler, we are grading mastery of the Standards of Learning. Only formative and summative assessments will be entered into the grade book. For this reason, you will get a lot of papers home that have feedback, but were practice - so they are not in the grade book.