Additional Programs 

                                                  No Place for Hate
-Tyler Elementary is a No Place for Hate designated school from the Anti-Defamation League.  This is awarded to schools who work collaboratively with students, staff, and community members to combat prejudice and enhance a culture of respect in the school and community.  Our No Place for Hate club helps to plan our school-wide events.

-Our school practices school-wide mindfulness to equip our staff and students with coping skills, resiliency, and permission to pause and focus on the present.

                                                   Weekend Snack Bags

-Local organizations provide support for Tyler families by donating weekend snack bags of food for the weekends.

                                                    Holiday Giving
-This program supports Tyler families during the holiday season through donations from our community.

                                                   Character Counts
-If a staff member sees a student showing good character and performing a "random act of kindness" they can award them a Perilla's Pearl! 

-If you would like to participate in our virtual talent show please click here to fill out the application form by Monday, March 8 at 4pm.  Email Mrs. Moomau with any questions!

 -Please click here to check out our Mental Health Support Team newsletter for up to date information and resources.

-Resources to address and support you and your family during the closure due to COVID-19 are to the left. 


Classroom Lesson Topic
-Growth Mindset

Small Groups Running
-3rd Grade Leadership
-1st Grade School Skills

Classroom Lesson Topic
-K-1 Identifying and Regulating Emotions
-2nd Personal Safety
-3-5 Social Media and Video Game Safety

Classroom Lesson Topic
Small Groups Running
-4th Grade School Skills

Classroom Lesson Topic
-K-1 Self Control
-2-5 Conflict Resolution

Small Groups Running
-4th Grade School Skills

Classroom Lesson Topic
-Bullying Prevention

Classroom Lesson Topic
-Celebrate Diversity
Small Groups Running
-Coping With Distance Learning

Classroom Lesson Topic
-Intro to School Counseling and How to Be a Distance Learner
Small Groups Running