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Here are some sites for students to practice Spanish at home. 

Language Learning Apps:

Duolingo is a fantastic FREE language learning app. You can use it on phones, tablets, or computers. Once you have mastered Spanish you can learn other languages! ;-) 
Duolingo logo

Free online Spanish games and activities:

http://onlinefreespanish.com/  This site offers free Spanish lessons for both children and parents. It has different lessons for each age, and everything is designed to make learning fun.

There are plenty of interactive activities, with all of the games, lessons, tips, and resources, you'll be speaking Spanish in no time! ;-)

https://wordplay.com/ Wordplay is a simple game that makes it really easy to learn and remember Spanish words and phrases. It includes pictures, words in English and Spanish, and sound of the words in Spanish. It adapts to each student's level.

Practice the Spanish Alphabet


Spanish Songs

BASHO & FRIENDS create original musical content which can be used as a learning tool to help students explore languages, experience diverse cultures and build the skills needed to be active participants in our increasingly global community.  We do all this through the use of international music, animated and live action videos, games and fun!


Luli Pampin Learn Spanish with Luli's fun songs and dances. The song Chumbala Cachumbala to learn time is a student favorite in the lower grades. :-D 
Luli Pampin

El Mono Sílabo 
Learn to read in Spanish with these fun puppets! :-) 

Mono Silabo

Pinkfong Songs
 in Spanish (from the creators of Baby Shark! :-)
Welcome to Pinkfong's official YouTube channel. Meet Pinkfong’s fun, educational videos that captured the hearts of millions of children around the world. Pinkfong

Rockalingua Rockalingua
Teach Spanish to kids and children with songs Are you a teacher or a parent? Teach and learn Spanish with music videos and more resources available at www. rockalingua.com.

Yoga for kids in Spanish. Wonderful for children to relax, stretch, and breath while listening to Spanish!


Sra. Martinez's YouTube Playlists 
Here are some of the playlists with songs and videos I use in class:
Alphabet I recommend the first 4 songs.

Some of our favorite songs
You can practice singing and dancing at home. 

Buenos Días, by Jose Luis Orozco
Numbers, by Basho & Friends
Diez Deditos, by Jose Luis Orozco
Farm Animals, by Learning Spanish with Johanna
¿Cómo Te Llamas?, by Basho & Friends
Chocolate, by CantaJuego
Baile de los Colores, by Jose Luis Orozco
Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, by M. Mayor
Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, by Sr. Hodge
La Tía Mónica, by Dúo Tiempo de Sol
Chuchuwa, by CantaJuego
Chumbala Cachumbala, by Luli Pampin

Cartoons in Spanish on Youtube

Watching cartoons and TV shows that children are interested in, is a great way to learn Spanish. Netflix has many Spanish language shows for children. Subtitles in English or Spanish are helpful. 

El Perro y el Gato

Cat and Dog



Pocoyo is a Spanish-British pre-school comedy animated television series. It is very simple and perfect for kindergarteners. It is about Pocoyo, a 4-year-old boy, interacting with his friends Pato (a duck), Elly (an elephant) and Loula (a dog). Viewers are encouraged to recognize situations that Pocoyo is in, and things that are going on with or around him. The narrator usually speaks explicitly to the viewers and to the characters as well. Each character has its own distinctive dance and a specific sound (usually from a musical instrument), most episodes end with the characters dancing.

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig