List of Community Resources
Posted on 04/22/2020
Food Pantry ResourcesSUMMER UPDATE:

There is a new FOOD HELP LINE 703-794-4668.  There are agents ready to direct families to the nearest food pantry based on  location.  If you do not have transportation or are immune compromised, you will be entered into a system to get a delivery. If the person calling is over 65, they will automatically be put in their Sr. Home Delivery program.

Community Resource List

Food Assistance Resources:
Breakfast/Lunch- Tyler will continue to be a site for breakfast and lunch pick up. Additional sites will remain through the summer. For complete listing and additional details please see:

Families that qualify for Free/Reduced lunch should be receiving an EBT card in the mail. Some of my families have received their Pandemic EBT cards in the mail and have not been able to activate them because they do not have a social security number. Per PWC DSS, free/reduced lunch application does not require SS#. Families should log on, input the card number they received, the date of birth of their oldest child receiving free/reduced lunch and where it asks for SS# they put 000-00-0000. The Pandemic EBT is not considered a Public Charge and will not impact immigration applications. This benefit is for children who qualify for free/reduced lunch in school. If families have not received a card by mid-June and believe they are eligible, they can call 804.726.7000. If your family already receives SNAP, the benefit will be added to your current EBT card.
If you haven’t applied for SNAP or MEDICAID, the application can be completed online here:

Haymarket Food Pantry has recently moved off of Linton Hall Road, and is now again open, but for appointments only. They are updating their information pretty regularly on their website.
SERVE to receive assistance visit their website at: They have changed their required documentation to receive assistance.

House of Mercy: 703-659-1636 Food Support on Monday-Friday 10:00-4:00

PWC Food Rescue: 703-794-4668 Call first! They will direct you to the closest food bank or they will deliver to you.

Utility Assistance: Contact NVFS at: 571-748-2624

Housing: Rent assistance for renters in Greater PWC: Manassas City, Manassas Park city and PWC. If you are behind on rent due to COVID-19 there is assistance out there. Must be within 200% of the poverty guidelines, and laid off or released from their income due to COVID-19, and owe rent during the months of the outbreak. For assistance call 833-437-0114.

If you experience Homelessness, or are on the verge of homelessness call: 703.792.3366

Medical: If you need to renew your Medicaid, it has automatically been extended for 90 days without further action required. Unemployment/Reduced Wages:
If you have questions regarding immigration status and resources, this is a great website.

Mental Health Resources:
Feel free to reach out to Ms. Herrera or Ms. Moomau with recommendations of counselors and therapists in the area. 
Blue Ridge Psychological in Gainesville
Group Therapy Associates in Haymarket
Greater Prince William County Health Center in Manassas (takes Medicaid)