Dear Tyler families,

Please use one of the following two notification methods to notify the school of your child’s absence, late arrival, early dismissal or change in dismissal. Please notify the school before 9:30am on the day of an absence.

1) ParentVUE - Please use ParentVUE as your first step for reporting current or future absences. Parents can submit attendance and notes for the same day and up to 30 days in the future, and upload supporting documentation such as doctor’s notes.

  • When you login, choose the student that is or will be absent.
  • Click " Report Absence” , then enter the information in the pop-up screen.
  • Make sure you click on the correct date(s) and always provide a reason for the absence(s).

Click here for a link to use ParentVUE or to learn more about the program: https://www.pwcs.edu/about_us/the_hub/parent_vue_information

2) NEW Attendance & Dismissal Form (Reporting an Absence, Late Arrival, Early Dismissal or Dismissal Change)

Please use this new online form instead of sending an email to the front office staff or teacher. Using the form ensures that the school has all the information we need, instead of it possibly getting lost in emails. Make sure to fill out all the needed information. Click here to go to the new form: Attendance & Dismissal Form


- Prior notification of an early pick up will help the teacher have your student ready to be picked up early.

- To maintain an appropriate closure to the instructional day, the latest that students can be called for early dismissal is 30 MINUTES before dismissal. Parents arriving after this time will need to pick their child up at the regular dismissal time.


- Same day notification of a dismissal change will need to be made no later than 30 MINUTES before dismissal.

- Students can only be called to the office for pick up at the regular dismissal time if we have received prior notification of this dismissal change.


Schools are required to ensure students attend every day that school is in session. We must monitor attendance and come up with plans to have our students attend school if they are becoming chronically absent. According to the Virginia Department of Education, chronic absenteeism is defined as "missing ten percent or more of the academic year for any reason, including excused absences, unexcused absences, and suspensions. Based on a 180-day school year, that means approximately 18 days (about 2 and a half weeks) per year or 2 to 3 days per month."

It is also important for students to arrive on time each school day. Entering a classroom late disrupts the students already working and can make it difficult for a student to catch up on their schoolwork. It is best for all students to be in school for the duration of the school day.

We fully understand that illnesses continue to greatly impact our families' lives and our students' attendance in school. Please continue to keep your child home if they are sick and notify the school of their illness. We will continue to communicate with parents when the absences become excessive. By working together, we can provide the best education possible for your child.

PLEASE NOTE - When a student has 10 or more absences, excused or unexcused, parents will receive an attendance letter. Also, per PWCS Regulation 724-1, once a student has 10 or more absences a written note signed by the student’s medical provider will be required for future absences to be excused.

To learn more about what absences are excused vs unexcused and the process for schools to monitor attendance, you may click on the links below:

Any extended absences for personal or family reasons need to be submitted in writing to Mrs. Perilla for approval prior to the leave. Thank you!

Extended Leave Request Forms: