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vaccine reminder

The extended deadline for students to meet the immunization requirement for mandatory immunizations for public school enrollment is December 14, 2022. If you have questions, please contact the school nurse or visit the immunization requirements homepage.


"Health Promotion:

As we are entering the cold and flu season, this is a reminder of the best health practices to decrease the spread and transmission of viruses in PWCS schools.   

Please remember to cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze and throw used tissues in the trash.  If you don't have a tissue, cough, or sneeze into your elbow, not your hands.  Wash hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds, dry hands with a paper towel, and use the paper towel to turn off the faucet.  If soap and water are not available, hand sanitizers may also be used to preform hand hygiene.  Remember to stay home when you’re sick until at least 24 hours without a fever or the use of fever reducing medicine.  Together we can help stop the spread of germs that may make you and others ill."   



When To Stay Home From School
Students will be sent home from school or should be excluded from school (per Regulation 757-1 Attachment) for the following reasons:

1. Fever of 100.4º F and above - exclude until student has been fever-free for at least 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications.
2. C
onjunctivitis (pink eye), strep infections, ring worm, and impetigo are all infections and must be treated with medication for a minimum of 24 hours before returning to school. 3. Rash of unknown origin (especially if accompanied by a fever. 4. Head injury. 5. Severe coughing or difficulty breathing. 6. Colds - a child with thick or constant nasal drainage should remain at home. 7. Diarrheaor vomiting - exclude until student has been symptom free for at least 24 hours. 8. Stiff neck associated with fever and/or recent injury 9. Inadequate immunizations with known disease outbreak in school 10. Refer to the  VDH Communicable Disease Reference Chart (PDF)
Expect a phone call from the Nurse or team member covering the clinic if your child is sick or injured during school hours.

Medications at School and other Special Health Conditions
If your student needs medication during school, it needs to be brought into the clinic by an adult, in the original sealed container, and accompanied by the proper paperwork. The medications will be kept in the clinic.

Please note the following:

- The first dose of a new medication or change in dosage should be given at home.

 - A new medication authorization form is required each time there is a change in dosage or time of administration.

- Staff will NOT cut or break pills.

- If a higher/lower dosage is required for OTC medications, a medication authorization form must be completed by the physician.

- A medication authorization form is required for alternative or herbal medications. **All medications must be picked up by the last day of school. Medications not picked up will be disposed of per Regulation 757-4 **

New Health Treatment Plans and Medication Authorization forms need to be brought to school every year, along with Pharmacy labeled medication bottles. For over the counter medication, please provide a new unopened box, bottle, or tube.
Please see PWCS Health Forms & Regulations on the left for medication authorization forms and other health treatment plans.
Non-medicated Products

Products used for cosmetic purposes and not for relief of symptoms are not regarded as medication.  These products would include non-prescription eye care products such as saline or contact lens solutions and skin care preparations such as petroleum jelly, Clearasil, lip balm, hand lotion, insect repellent, and sunscreen.  Students may carry and appropriately use non-medicated products.  For the comfort and safety of others, spray or aerosol products are not to be used.
Cough Drops/Throat Lozenges
Students in grades K-12 may carry and appropriately use cough drops/throat lozenges provided they are in the original packaging. Students may not share under any circumstances.

Seasonal Allergies

If your student/ students have Seasonal Allergies, please give medication, to include eye drops, EACH day prior to school. This will help avoid time spent away from the classroom and important instructional time.  Allergy medications should be given every day during allergy season so they will work properly.
Food Allergy Awareness

We have students at Tyler Elementary with life threatening food allergies. Please remind your student of the importance of not sharing food during snack or lunch. Also, please consider peanut and nut free snack items that will be eaten in the classroom. If your child has a food allergy and does not yet have an allergy action plan in the clinic, please contact me.

Head Lice
PWCS follows the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control, American Academy of Pediatrics, Harvard School of Public Health and the National Association of School Nurses.  Students with live lice do not need to be sent home early from school; they can go home at the end of the day.  HOWEVER; following treatment at home, a parent/guardian must accompany the child to school the following day for recheck by the school nurse or designee prior to the student returning to the classroom.
 Please see attached Regulation 753-2 for further information.

Role of the School Nurse - Support student learning which is accomplished by implementing strategies that promote student and staff health.
- Provides health services, health education, staff wellness, promotes physical education and activity, and promotes community involvement.
- Identifies health and safety concerns in the school environment and works collaboratively with staff, students and families in addressing these concerns.
The PWCS Student Health Services is designed to promote child and adolescent health and reduce health-related risk behaviors. The program is comprised of school nurses, a school health services coordinator, and a medical consultant.

Religious Exemption Form This form MUST be notarized SCHOOL ENTRANCE INFORMATION: All preschool, kindergarten, and new to the county studentsare required to submit a Virginia School Entrance Health (Physical) Form and Immunization completed by a licensed provider prior to the first day of school. School entrance physicals must be completed within one year of entry. This is in accordance with the Virginia Department of Education school entrance requirements and is a requirement for both in person and virtual schooling within the county.

PHYSICAL EXAM AND SCHOOL HEALTH ENTRANCE FORMS: Enrollment Requirements School Entrance Health Form (PDF) Physical Examination Regulation 754 TUBERCULOSIS SCREENING: Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Requirements Regulation 723-4 FAMILY SUPPORT LINE PWCS is pleased to introduce another layer of support for families. The "Family Support" phone line and email address will allow any parent/guardian to ask general questions about the COVID-19 protocols.

EMAIL: PHONE: 703-791-7845
All emails and phone messages will be responded to on weekdays between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30pm. This number and/or email should not be used for emergency situations. We are here to support you and your student!